5 YouTube fitness channels for beginner-friendly workouts at home

If you’re too shy to step into a (typically) loud, rambunctious gym, opt for home-based workouts with online pilates, yoga and HIIT classes instead. Below, find five fitness channels on YouTube which are perfect for beginners interested in kick starting their fitness journey.



Learn to train like a pro fighter with FightCamp on YouTube, where full-length workout videos comprise drills, technique prep and intense exercises. Pick up the basics of boxing with heavyweight boxer Mike Rashid as jabs, crosses and hooks are taught; or try a 10mins kickboxing workout with FightCamp trainer Aaron Swenson. Don’t miss out on helpful tutorials like How To Do A Round Kick and How To Wrap Your Hands For Boxing to gain more knowledge on fight training.

Mady Morrison


Incorporating proper stretches and relaxation exercises into your workout regimen is important, especially during this stay-home period. Try a 5mins morning stretch before you begin work proper, or join in a Back Pain Relief Stretches yoga session if you’ve got a stiff back from constantly sitting at a makeshift home office desk.

Mady Morrison’s yoga channel is filled with helpful exercises guaranteed to help all easily recover from aches and body pains.



Try full-body HIIT workouts with MadFit, the fitness channel of vegan YouTuber Maddie Lymburner. Allow the health guru to train you with real-time workouts and exercise routines—from beginner-friendly core exercises to intense dance sessions, Lymburner will have you working up a sweat.

Move with Nicole


Pilates is a great way to improve overall health thanks to its endurance moves which build flexibility and muscle strength. To try pilates at home, turn to Move with Nicole as pilates instructor Nicole McPherson offers 30mins full body routines, feel-good pilates flow sessions and even pilates HIIT. These won’t require any equipment, just roll out a mat or towel to begin.

Yoga With Adriene


Practice yoga flow, meditation and yin yoga alongside American actress Adriene Mishler over on her YouTube channel Yoga With Adriene. Ladies suffering from cramps may want to opt for her videos showcasing moves that heal lower abdominal pain, as well as others which target lower back aches. Chefs, writers and seniors will even benefit from Mishler’s various targeted yoga sessions.