It’s never too late to start caring for your skin

Caused by the mechanical friction of mask fabric against the skin (resulting in irritation and inflammation), maskne is a conundrum many will face in today’s mask-wearing world.

Thankfully, there are solutions available to help alleviate the problem, and here at SG Magazine, we have sussed out a couple of tips and tricks from local skincare experts. Below, we list the best ways to cope with maskne, and products that may even help relieve your skin woes.

Don’t over-cleanse

Cleansing may be useful, but overdoing it will only cause more harm than good. In speaking to SG Magazine regarding the issue of maskne in Singapore, founder of local facial salon Peachy Skin Bar Crystal Lee advises: “Stop over-cleansing. Many of us have the tendency to over-cleanse (as and when we want to) due to the fact that the skin feels greasy or sweaty after prolonged hours of mask wearing. This could actually disrupt your skin’s PH balance. So if you’re over-cleansing, it’ll be good to stop doing that.”

Go for facials


Similarly, Lee shares: “If you are suffering from acne breakouts or skin congestion, deep cleansing facial treatments might help.” This means extraction facials which will gently tackle your pimple problem, using solutions that may help to ease scarring or discoloration as well. At Lee’s Peachy Skin Bar, the Acne Break-Up is a 60-min facial that purifies and restores the skin’s PH balance with the help of acne-fighting natural ingredients like burdock root.

Skip the makeup

This is a no-brainer, although we could all use the timely reminder. Makeup including foundation, concealer, primer and compact powder will clog pores; not to mention leave your skin feeling dull overtime since the synthetics and pigments in makeup are less than helpful.

Try non-toxic products


To prevent maskne, it is important to keep the face clean and refreshed at all times. While that still means no over-cleansing, products are still necessary to remove excess dirt and oil. Switching to a clean beauty brand may be a solution for some, as the range of skincare products will not contain toxic ingredients that are a potential threat to the skin.

Founder of clean beauty brand Kew Organics and its facial bar Lily Kew recommends trying a bottle of the Kew Organics Seriously Fresh Micellar Water to remove dirt and dust, as well as the Absolutely Youthful HydraCleanser that can gently yet thoroughly eliminate impurities while leaving skin hydrated (which is of utmost importance here).

Use spot treatment solutions


To heal pimples, acne treatment solutions are the way to go. After removing all traces of makeup residue and going about your usual skincare routine, apply spot solutions directly onto the pimples to effectively treat those pesky inflammations.

Local skincare label BSkin’s recent launch of their acne treatment solution is suitable for tackling maskne. The BSkin 3C Spot Treatment is a targeted three-prong acne treatment that addresses breakouts not unlike maskne. Besides being formulated with potent bee actives like honey, propolis, pollen and royal jelly, it is also packed with antioxidant-rich ingredients, giving it the ability to eliminate acne-causing bacteria without overdrying the skin.

What about masks?

As for the main culprit, it is all about maintaining cleanliness. In fact, founder of BSkin, Su-Mae Chia puts it best.

“The best way to prevent maskne is to ensure your mask, whether a reusable or surgical one, is clean. It’s also good to invest in a storage case or pouch for your mask as placing it on a table or it in your bag unprotected may contaminate it and encourage the growth of bacteria and germs.”