Put your physique to the test in Singapore’s own Tour de France aka Beast Cycling Series

American cyclist Lance Armstrong conquered the Tour de France seven times consecutively from 1999 to 2005. Doping allegations aside, you’ve to admit that’s quite some feat. He, along with many others, over the course of 23 days, cycled across hills, mountains and flat roads, clocking up to 200km in distance before reaching the finish line. If you’ve ever wondered what that feels like—you don’t have to bring your two-wheel any further than Singapore’s Beast Cycling Series.

Between Sep 4-Oct 31, Beast Cycling Series will take bike enthusiasts to Singapore’s roads for their very own Tour de France experience. From the East Coast, participants will start their tour and move anti-clockwise into areas like Tanah Merah, Pasir Ris, Punggol, Mandai, Sungei Kadut, Boon Lay, before finishing at Mount Faber. This Beast Cycling Series runs at 100km.

As participants cycle, the navigation towards the top at Mount Faber will be narrated by Phil Liggett, an official Tour de France commentator. Should any feel like they are incapable of completing the race, Beast Cycling Series also offers cycling tips and tricks along the way by professional cyclists from the renowned Team Bike Exchange. This should help keep them going until they cross the finish line.

, Put your physique to the test in Singapore’s own Tour de France aka Beast Cycling SeriesCyclists headed up top are reminded to keep one ear free from the audio clips to focus on traffic noise. This is to ensure complete safety throughout the entire tour.

Other than audio perks, those who enter the Beast Cycling Series tour will also receive a complimentary merchandise cap that is both sweat and water resistant.

This tour doesn’t have to be conquered alone, participants can bring along their peers to do so together (in accordance with Singapore’s Covid-19 regulations, of course). Whenever ready, participants can then pick a race date and time at their own discretion within the 60-day race period, and complete the Singapore tour.

Saddle up, people. It’s time to put your physique to the test in Singapore’s very own Tour de France extravaganza.

More information available here.