Fight clubs that train you to go beyond the first rule

A combat sport in which punches are thrown, boxing may seem dangerous, especially at competitive fights that occur during the World Championships. However, you can take up the sport to simply get active and stay fit while still sparring responsibly. Simply head to the following five boxing gyms in Singapore with your own hand wraps (for hygiene purposes) and learn how to train like a professional fighter with the help of proper coaches.

Evolve MMA

Asia’s premier championship label for martial arts offers boxing gyms located at a number of districts in Singapore for you to get your fight on. Learn footwork, punches and head movement techniques during their Boxing programme; also try your hand (literally) at other similar combat sports at Evolve MMA including Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) as well as Mixed Martial Arts.

The Ring Boxing Community

At The Ring, a large variety of boxing lessons awaits. Besides the usual Boxing classes that allow you to work up a sweat in a fast-paced concept with the combination of cardio and technique boxing, there’s also Muay Thai for those who enjoy intense kickboxing and sparring classes to offer the thrill of stepping into the pro fighting ring. The latter is mediated by professional coaches so amateurs need not fret.

Spartans Boxing Club

Learn to spar in an inclusive and safe environment that’s made for all, including men, women and kids. From Outdoor Boxing sessions suitable for a change of space and fresh air to Ladies Boxing programmes targeted at toning the body and self-defense, check out a wide selection of unconventional classes at Spartans Boxing Club.

Still Boxing

See this intense sport be made more accommodating for beginners at Still Boxing, thanks to group classes such as Core, Endurance and Strength & Conditioning. The latter is a combination of weighted workouts and cardio, plus endurance-based boxing rounds. Sounds enticing? Book a slot here.

UFC Gym Singapore

Ultimate classes take centrestage at UFC Gym Singapore. Train like an athlete regardless of age to build strength, endurance and conditioning while practicing proper techniques to reap the full benefits of mixed martial arts. Boxing Skills & Techniques is a class you won’t want to miss since it is aimed at teaching experienced boxing skills, and with a partner, offensive and defensive drills. Muay Thai is offered in three different levels, and the BJJ sessions here teaches you to employ safe and effective techniques as you leverage your strength to defeat opponents.