Kickstart your weightlifting journey with squats, deadlifts and presses at these reputable facilities

For a boost of health and fitness, strength training is the way to go. But if you’re unsure where to begin, then head to the following facilities in Singapore where weightlifting is a priority. Simply kickstart your journey with squats, deadlifts, presses and even Olympic lifts; these gyms also offer a variety of classes and programmes to ensure that you’re moving and progressing to the best of your ability.

The Forge


Presenting a lean yet ample menu of just two programmes, this Olympic weightlifting and barbell club will be able to help locals pick up strength training quickly, safely and effectively. The Olympic Weightlifting classes are a no-brainer for those looking to learn the fundamentals of the snatch, clean and jerk; while those who need help on compound exercises like deadlifts and squats should take on Strength & Conditioning lessons.



Discover your Olympic weightlifting potential at Level’s Barbell Club, which focuses on increasing technical proficiency in the snatch as well as the clean and jerk within a small group setting. Led by Wu Chuan Fu, formerly a coach of the Singapore Weightlifting Team, rest assured you’ll be in good hands to attain solid progression on your lifts.

The gym also hosts weightlifting workshops for novices, so mark your calendars if you’re interested.



Train like an athlete at The PIT, which like its name suggests, focuses on performance, improvement and technique. Just attend the Strength Class to master the basics of lifts where coaches will offer tips to maintain safe and accurate forms. The gym also offers Metcon (metabolic conditioning) sessions for those interested in challenging themselves physically and mentally.

Solitude of Strength


Besides boasting an outdoor open gym space, Solitude of Strength also provides a number of strength and conditioning classes to take your fitness level up a notch. Simply work on your mobility and flexibility for compound movements at the Move-Flow progression class, or learn more about Olympic weightlifting at Pure Oly.

Strength Avenue


Home to Singapore’s powerlifters, Strength Avenue maintains a wide variety of strength training classes to nurture anyone remotely interested in the sport. Novices can begin at the semi-private group classes to get their performance level up, while trained athletes can opt for the sport performance programmes to take their physical fitness to the next level.

The Strength Yard


Lifting is made easy and accessible at Singapore’s neighbourhood strength and conditioning training facility, The Strength Yard. With top quality equipment such as competition racks and Olympic barbells, individuals will be able to train efficiently in group classes, personal coaching lessons and open gym sessions. Group classes include the Beginner Olympic Weightlifting and Progressive Strength Classes; both are progressive programmes suitable for various age groups.