Practice mindfulness to experience a better quality of life

Working on your mental health is just as important as working on your physical health. To practice mindfulness religiously, head to these wellness studios in Singapore for meditation and sound healing classes to experience a better quality of life. From sound bath workshops to breathwork lessons, you’re bound to walk away from each session with clearer thoughts and less anxiety.

Jyan Yoga


Work on your mind, body and soul at Jyan Yoga, which hosts four different sound healing and meditation classes in addition to the typical workout lessons. To focus on meditation, energy restoration and sound therapy, opt for the Crystal Bowls Sound Bath or Gong Sound Bath workshops as those intense musical vibrations will help stimulate the release of stress and anxiety besides clearing your mind. For breathwork and spiritual guidance, go with the gentle Yintention and Reiki Yoga respectively too.

Jyan Yoga is located on 64A Prinsep Street and classes are priced at $30 for a single session.

Space 2B


A safe haven for yoga practitioners, Space 2B is the perfect place to recenter and unwind after a long, hectic and draining day. So cultivate your wellbeing at their meditation experiences, which comprises classes like Integral Meditation that centres on transforming negative emotions into positive states to maximise the amount of pleasure and energy you have in your daily life.

Space 2B can be found at 2B Stanley Street. A single drop-in is priced at $50.

The Senses Therapy


Like its name suggests, The Senses Therapy is all about group classes that are therapeutic in nature, providing relaxation and relief to all who seek. Wellness classes include Sound Bath Therapy and Rhythmic Meditation; the former improves sleep and eases symptoms of depression, while the latter targets the lowering of heart rate and blood pressure.

Find The Senses Therapy at 228 South Bridge Road. A single class is $36.

True Fitness

This common gym chain also offers breathing and meditation classes to its members. Suitable for both veterans and novices, simply harness the power of mindful breathing to establish calmness and stillness in the body. Led by True’s experts, sessions like these will reduce stress levels and help manage chronic pains too.

True Fitness has branches at several malls including Great World, Harbourfront Centre and Millenia Walk.

Yoga In Common


Learn mindfulness and meditation techniques at popular wellness centre Yoga In Common. Unique classes here include Kundalini, aka Yoga of Awareness, that practices specific movements, postures and breath work called Kriyas. Boasting a chanting session at the start and end of class, just remain silent if you’re a novice to feel the vibrations created by the sound and tunes surrounding you. Otherwise, go for the Chakra Flow lesson with an open mind to realign your chakras through gentle yoga and meditation using Tibetan singing bowls.

Yoga In Common is open at 22 Petain Road. Each class is priced at $35.