A simple and efficient aid for weight loss, digestion, bowel movements and much more

Now’s always a good time to welcome a better, healthier you – and what better way to get back in shape than with an effective detox?



Get moving with the new Dr Ora Lactolean, a 100% vegan dietary supplement that lets you push the reset button on your digestive system. As a powder, the concoction is processed by your body more efficiently, giving it a quick boost of nutrition.



For starters, it contains a blend of prebiotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes that work together to maintain your body’s gut flora and digestive balance. Its cocktail blend of Wakame extract, ginger extract, and Veldt grape extract helps reduce bloating – sans the earthy taste that comes with most powder mixes on the market. Green tea extract and Kombucha are also on the list to help burn off those excess calories and kick-start your weight loss journey. All of the ingredients in Dr Ora’s Lactolean are also sustainably sourced.



With its delicious blood orange taste, Lactolean is recommended to be taken twice a day. Rather than replace your meals, each sachet is formulated to complement a healthy diet.

To curb appetite and boost metabolism, simply consume two sachets before your meal. Alternatively, consuming them after eating will help you to detox and reduce bloating. Simply mix it with half a glass of water or pour the powder directly into your mouth, and voila.


For more information, visit Dr Ora’s website here.