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If there’s anything positive that’s come out of the past 2 years, it’s the increasing acknowledgement and focus on the importance of healthy living. From diet plans to exercise regimes, our society has, by and large, been preoccupied with exploring different manners of maintaining our health.

Most recently, more and more people have been making the switch to choosing brown rice over white rice. The growing trend finds its root in the additional nutritional value that brown rice has over the usual white rice. With rice being a dominant staple in our meals, alternative rice options have been attracting more attention and fans than ever before.



Amongst the most-cited benefits of brown rice are its antioxidant properties, low glycemic index (sugar), low calorie count, and high fibre content.

To start your year on a healthy note, try opting for Naturel’s Organic Mixed Brown and Red Rice as your new staple. Similar to brown rice, but loaded with extra nutrients and benefits, red rice is a whole grain that gets its colour from the anthocyanin – which has antiviral, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer properties, and lowers blood pressure, prevents diabetes, improves vision, etc. – found in it.

Each pack of Naturel Organic Mixed Brown and Red Rice is made up of 80% Hom Mali Brown Rice and 20% Hom Mali Red Rice, boasting a pack of healthy goodness that is low in sugar, high in dietary fibre, and naturally cholesterol free.



Apart from beautifying your meals with new colours, each serving of Naturel Organic Mixed Rice is also equivalent to 3 times our daily required wholegrain intake.

Straight from their farm in Thailand to our bowls, Naturel’s single origin Hom Mali brown rice is certified organic by EU standards and is free from pesticides and commercial fertilisers.



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