Give back to the community while you’re at it

With active Covid-19 community cases on the rise, it’s difficult to gauge whether we’re doing enough to keep ourselves safe from the virus. What’s easier to do in such a climate, however, is to follow the old adage: better to be safe than sorry. And the following health essentials will help you do just that.

Mask up with Oura


Before you spend any more money on disposable face masks, consider wellness brand Oura’s latest range of reusable and self-sanitising masks. There's the Oura Air Mask 2.0 which is breathable and lightweight—making it comfortable for everyday wear. Its fabric is also coated with antimicrobial elements, allowing sterilisation to occur in every wash.

Not to mention, each Oura mask holds a replaceable NIOSH-approved N95 filter; protecting users from harmful pathogens as they breathe. Should you frequently engage in strenuous activities, Oura also has an Active Mask that is resistant to sweat and moisture. Oh, and did we mention that every purchase contributes to the Make-A-Wish foundation?

Clean up with Okada Ecotech

It is hard to find an aerosol that’s non-toxic, let alone eco-friendly. Yet Okada Ecotech’s Bio-X Kleanze Air solution is both. But that’s not all. It's also strong enough to wipe out 99.99 percent bacteria and viruses and, according to the National Environment Agency (NEA), strong enough to inactivate Covid-19 transmissions. To make sanitising simpler, Okada Ecotech has also designed a Bio-X diffuser to go with Kleanze Air, to do the cleaning for you.

Check up with Tracer-Temp


The thing with thermometers is that you don’t know if it’s accurate and reliable. With T-Smart's tool, however, you know it is. Because the brand takes pride in the thermometer's level of precision (+/- 0.2ºC)—and speed—in recording body temperatures; and in its capability to translate numbers into detailed charts and figures in an app (Tracer-Temp) to monitor your body’s core temperature and health. All that with just a click of a button.