Local fitness app Passport Asia lets you skip pricey gym memberships

You’ll remember that we recently told you about the arrival of KFit, a fitness website which lets members sign up for classes at various gyms and studios across the island. Now there is a local competitor: fitness app Passport Asia. It offers  20,000 types of classes and the app has neat features like GPS location services that find a class near you, the option to sync sessions to your calendar and social media integration.

Workouts range from pilates to Zumba, accessible at 130 gyms and studios here. An entry-level memberships starts at $59 for four activities a month but you get a free membership when you download the app on iOS or Android before Jul 1.

So how does it stack up against KFit? At first glance, the two share a similar interface. But what really gives Passport Asia an edge is its GPS tool, which makes searching for classes nearby a lot more personalised with specifics like estimated distance which links you to your smartphone’s maps app.

Check it out here.