Working out then drinking seems to be Singapore’s new wellness trend

It seems that drinking and working out have become a power combo in the wellness scene in Singapore. From pop-up yoga pool parties to running clubs organized by bars, partying and exercising is one way to detox and then retox. Here’s where to get in on the action, whether you’re a yogi or a long-distance runner, or just an enthusiastic drinker. 

Mikeller’s Running Club had its first run early June, but you’ll have another chance to join in the fun if you missed the last one with their MRC Singapore #2  6-8km run on Jul 9-10, with a special stopover at Druggists for runners to hydrate themselves with beer. Show up in their MRC dri-fit singlet at 6pm and you’ll get to be a member of theirs for life but don’t forget your credit card ofcourse. 

You can also check out other half-party and half-exercise runs like the upcoming New Balance Run On 2016  on Aug 20 that has Wunderbar as their official beer sponsor. They’re promising free craft beers for runners after the 7km race at their NB Pop-up Festival and they’re also having DJ sets by A/K/A (ATTAGIRL!). $45

If you’re looking to go tropical then take part in the Color Run which is back at Sentosa from Aug 20-21. Sign up for the 5km run and get the chance to be bathed in colored powder, while island-themed music blares to keep you motivated. You can reward yourself by quenching your thirst with the alcoholic drinks available for purchase at designated booths.  $65 for Regular Color Runner (early bird rate at $55).

And if you’re not into the idea of moving too much, then you can stay on a mat by joining Outta Hatha Yoga’s on Jul 17 for their pop-up Yoga + Brunch III: Fire Up Your Core at Gilman Barracks . You can enjoy brunch after at Red Baron’s Farmers’ Market which also happens to sell draft and craft beers. Class walk-in rates are at $20.

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