Got a diet resolution? Get these healthy food options delivered to keep you on track

We’re entering the third week of 2017, which probably means that all your well-intentioned wellness and weight loss resolutions are starting to waver. You need some extra help. That’s where these health food delivery services come in.

HIC introduces a new range of soups

, Got a diet resolution? Get these healthy food options delivered to keep you on track

Best known for their pressed juices, HIC has a range of soups are made using only whole foods and developed in-house with their nutritionist and certified health coach Lihui Li, conveniently also the company’s founder and CEO. Great for all kinds of dietary restrictions, the soups are free of artificial additives, soy, sugar, gluten, dairy and corn. They are also halal-certified. All the ingredients are blended and cooked at low heat to retain all that natural fiber and nutrients. With five different flavors options to choose from—creamy mushroom, tomato basil, watercress zucchini, green pea and carrots ’n’ spice—the new HIC Soup menu can used for detox or daily consumption. They’re available online as part of their one-, three- and five-day “Nourish Cleanse” program, as well as the “5:2 Soup Diet” program, for a choice of how you’re planning on including them in your diet plan.

Nuts instead of chips

If you can’t be bothered dehydrating your own kale chips but always keep to crave a snack during office hours, there’s an increasing number of healthier options in Singapore that you can get delivered right to your desk. Delivery services like BoxGreen have a variety of granola, nuts, chocolates while MadeReal customizes a box of six healthy snacks that are free of MSG, artificial coloring and high-fructose corn syrup when you complete a quiz for your preferences on their website.

Healthy restaurants on Deliveroo

, Got a diet resolution? Get these healthy food options delivered to keep you on track
Standard Nalu from Aloha Poke

When deciding what to eat, it can be very daunting to go through Deliveroo’s wide selection of restaurants because you’ll have to check what dishes they have. You’ll probably be tempted to just find the next comforting meal, which will ultimately disrupt your diet. Now, Deliveroo will be highlighting healthy restaurants with a red apple emoticon so you can easily identify healthier options like Aloha Poke, Daily Cut, Grain Traders and others. Also, in collaboration with UFIT Singapore, when you order food from these eateries, you’ll also receive interesting nutritional facts, recipe ideas, training programs and info on UFIT’s classes.