Started in the midst of a pandemic to bring you better gut health

From the lowest points in life sometimes springs forth new beginnings. Such is the story behind Komboochy, a local small-batch kombucha label started in May 2020, during the midst of Singapore's circuit breaker.

Co-founded by two young, intrepid Singaporeans, the inspiration to start the brand actually began a year ago, when one of the founders, Alexis Soh, got into a ski accident when on exchange in Switzerland.

After recovering from a fractured pelvis and facial contusion, she began being more focused on health, leading to the discovery and obsession with kombucha, the fermented tea beverage touted to provide plenty of benefits to the body.

Setting out to create kombuchas with unique Asian and Singaporean influences, you'll find interesting flavours like Lychee Rose ($9.90/480ml bottle), Pomegranate Roselle ($11.90/480ml bottle) and Tangerine Chrysanthemum ($9.90/480ml bottle) in Komboochy's offerings.

More recently, in light of Singapore's 55th birthday, limited-edition flavours like Lemongrass Pandan, Sour Plum and Calamansi were also introduced. It's being sold as a set of four bottles for $35.

If you're interested to get your hands on their kombucha, islandwide delivery is available every Saturday, and costs $5. Or simply pre-arrange to self-collect at 28 Ghim Moh Link every Friday.

More info on Komboochy here.