This new mental health app can connect locals with therapists for live counselling sessions

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: there is no health without mental health. And as us locals begin to make mental wellness a priority in life, a new locally-based app is here to help us in our wellness journey.

Named LaViCa, this app is conceived by Dr. Kristina Burgetova, a clinical psychologist who has practiced in the US, Canada and Singapore. A local university professor, Dr. Burgetova is a licensed professional in both the US and Singapore.

Her aim? To remove the barriers surrounding mental health care by making it easy for folks to find a path to a better headspace.

, This new mental health app can connect locals with therapists for live counselling sessions

Which is exactly the reason why LaViCa has been created as an app. A safe, judgement-free space, locals can seek help and become more skilled in understanding themselves through a series of accessible services from qualified professionals.

Users of the LaViCa app can create their own purpose-driven journey to good mental health by using daily check-ins, focus questions, journaling tools as well as live counselling sessions.

One-on-one counselling is available through text, audio or video messaging with qualified therapists from Singapore at a fraction of the time and cost traditionally associated with mental health care.

Finally, the LaViCa app greatly reduces the time and expense of traditional mental health care. With its 24/7 services, real time appointments can take place almost immediately, minimising lengthy wait times, which benefits individuals looking for help quickly.

“The intensity and nature of the Covid-19 pandemic has increased the demand for virtual therapy. Our hope with LaViCa is that more people will access professional help in order to live with calmer minds,” says Dr. Burgetova.

She continues: “Through this app, we are able to bring immediate and proactive help to anyone who wishes to address their mental health issues. It also assists those who prefer to remain anonymous.”

Access to affordable therapy with professional Singapore-based therapists starts at $29/week for asynchronous texting or $79/session (up to 50mins) for live communication (text/audio/video based on client preferences).

Learn more about LaViCa here. For more mental health resources, head here.