Lose 1 million kg by 2016? We’ll show you how

It’s all over the news lately—obesity levels are well on the rise in Singapore. The Health Promotion Board has stepped in, launching an ambitious nationwide health programme called the 1 million KG Challenge, encouraging Singaporeans to collectively lose that amount of weight over the next three years. And it seem a little crazy, especially when we’ve all grown bored of our lazy gym routine and the occasional jog around the track. 

However, there’s also a slew of new workouts (think Zuu, Surfset Fitness and SUP Yoga, just to name a few) that are currently the talk of town. These workouts promise us not just a better body, but more fun while we are at it—so we at the I-S office jumped at the chance to try them out, all within one week (gosh, what were we thinking, really?).

So what exactly are these workouts? How did we fare? Did we even make it past the third day? Read the cover story of our next issue to find out (due to hit the stands on March 28), or watch this space.