Multiflora TCM Spa celebrates two decades of wellness

As we become increasingly health-conscious, we’ve also started incorporating elements from many different cultures in our daily lifestyles, hoping to achieve even better wellness as whole.

Having provided us with holistic, natural Eastern remedies aided by the latest scientific methods for the past two decades, Multiflora TCM Spa celebrates twenty years of wellness with new partners and new ambassador, Vivian Lai.


, Multiflora TCM Spa celebrates two decades of wellness


Appointed as the first face of the brand for her approach to wellness, the actress-celebrity has wowed fans for years with her enduring beauty, commitment to health, and steadfast belief in natural treatments.

Exposed to the potential and possibilities of traditional Chinese medicine since she was a kid, Multiflora’s founder Datin Sri Abby Lau is an avid practitioner of Yang Sheng herself, a holistic way of living that effectively removes most minor ailments that plague the body. These natural healing methods range from gentle remedies found in Nature, to the art of Gua Sha and cupping.


, Multiflora TCM Spa celebrates two decades of wellness


As part of their 20th anniversary celebrations, Multiflora TCM Spa in Singapore will also be elevating their treatments through collaborations with brands such as IZU Skincare, Kim Robinson, and Teabrary.

Brilliantly pairing pressure point massages with products from IZU Skincare and Kim Robinson, they effectively promote deeper penetration and absorption by our body, even being able to target at specific regions for their respective purposes. Known for their health benefits, Teabrary’s fine teas help Multiflora take care of customers from the inside out, starting from what they drink daily.


To give your body a fresh start with Multiflora TCM Spa, head over to their official website here to find out more about what they have to offer.