New start-up Myloh launches e-buddy and short film series to help locals take charge of their mental health

There is no health without mental health. And given the current pandemic and resulting lockdowns worldwide, it’s become more important than ever to care for our mental health.

Here in Singapore, new start-up company Myloh (My Life of Hope) wants to help Singaporeans overcome life’s challenges and speak up about mental health issues. Mentored by A*Star and supported by Enterprise Sg, IMDA Pixel and several healthcare organisations, the company has launched new initiatives which encourage conversations on mental wellbeing.

First, they’ve launched a personalised e-buddy app, built on an evidence-based psychometric engine to partner with users to set goals and overcome challenges as well as fears.

The Myloh app also enables users to step up their physical, social and mental health. Consider it a personal cheerleader who is always accessible and anonymous. Currently, Myloh is only available through participating organisations, but may soon be made available directly to consumers. Alternatively, interested individuals may request for a demo on the Myloh website.

But that’s not all. The team behind Myloh has also launched a short film series named The Overcomers. All about showcasing real people overcoming real challenges, the series hopes to drive messages of hope and empowerment, especially in today’s Covid-19 pandemic.

Now available for viewing is 25-year-old filmmaker Danielle’s story, which was released last Friday (Jun 4). In the episode, she talks about her struggle with mild depression as well as panic attacks.

Check out Danielle’s story below, and mark your calendars for four more stories to come in the month of June.

Learn more about Myloh here.