Is Myofascial Release the new fitness fad?

Pure Fitness has just launched a new group class called Roller Release, which focuses on self myofascial release. Not sure what that entails? We speak to Nuno Fidalgo, Group Fitness Instructor at Pure Fitness, to find out more. 

What exactly is myofascial release, and what are some of its benefits?

Similar to a deep tissue massage, it’s a technique that helps release the muscles, increase mobility and flexibility and also blood flow. Muscle tightness leads to pain and soreness, mechanical dysfunction and eventually injury, so myofascial release helps prevent these. Just about anyone can try it out—whether you’re an athlete who wants to get stronger, or an office worker who suffers from tension and soreness. Plus, flexibility and mobility are two of the most undertrained qualities in the fitness realm, so Pure Fitness has realized this gap and has moved to introduce this fantastic new program. 

What would a typical Roller Release class be like?

Each class lasts for 45 to 60 minutes. We mainly address the body’s primary regions, focusing on big muscle groups like the quads, abductors and lats—all of which predominantly impact human movement. We also tackle secondary regions that contribute to posture, like the lower back, neck and shoulders. Participants get a very complete workout that restores their energy levels and improves their mobility. 

Do you see myofascial release becoming a big thing in Singapore?

Self myofascial release is the most effective method for both finding the causes of pain, tightness and soft tissue dysfunction, as well as eliminating them, so it’s actually already a big thing in Singapore. However, Pure Fitness is the first fitness company in Singapore and Asia that has introduced this revolutionary technique in a group fitness setting. Self myofascial release contributes to the basic maintenance of your body and should be a part of your daily routine as much as brushing your teeth!