That viral, controversial air-drumming workout from LA has arrived in Singapore

Los Angeles is notorious for fad workouts and diets – think juice cleanses and spinning classes with Rihanna blasting in the background – so it’s no surprise that a new cardio workout has taken it by storm. Pound is an air-drumming workout invented by two female drummers, Kirsten Potenza and Cristina Peerenboom, and it might vaguely remind you of the traditional Indian folk dance, Dandiya.

Pound has reached our sunny shores and you can try it for yourself as GuavaPass teams up with Adidas to bring you a full-body workout experience this weekend (Sep 10-11) called Be The Music. The workout consists of two segments – Pound Fit and Flow. Flow is an energetic yoga workout but we have our eyes on Pound Fit. Aiming to strengthen your core muscles while borrowing a few moves from pilates and boxing, you will lose count of the lunges you do while drumming to various songs. Tickets cost $15 per person per segment.