New Singapore yoga studio Yoga on Nassim at Spaboutique offers pay-as-you-go classes

Launched on August 1, unusual new yoga studio Yoga on Nassim located at Spaboutique in central Singapore, offers pay-as-you-go classes instead of packages.

While there are a few yoga and pilates studios in Singapore that are located amidst lush greenery such as PowerMoves Pilates in the Park, not many actually conduct outdoor yoga classes like Yoga on Nassim’s. Here, classes like Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga are held in Balinese-style pavilions that lead to a centrally-located pool.
This might change as Yoga on Nassim gains popularity but for now, no advance bookings are necessary—all you have to do is turn up for either of the 40 weekly classes they have and get ready to shake and stretch the tension out. The best time to get down there is this August as classes go at an introductory price of $20 each.