Enjoy spin, boxing and yoga classes from the comforts of home

Fitness company Cru which owns popular gyms including CruCycle and CruBox is all about producing revolutionary fitness experiences. Now, see the brand take things to a whole new level as it unveils two of its latest offerings: Cru TV and Cru TV Bike.

Firstly, the new Cru TV is a one-stop virtual platform for fitness enthusiasts to enjoy online classes ranging from boxing and spin to yoga and meditation. To find a library of on-demand lessons, simply log on to www.crutvofficial.com. There, check out fresh content plus special live events—think guest appearances by celebrities and celebrity instructors.


But in addition to Cru TV, the gym also boasts the all-new Cru TV Bike. An interactive and immersive fitness experience inspired by the physical classes fans of the boutique studio CruCycle know and love, this set-up offers everything from the Cru bike and mat to a 12-month subscription to Cru’s proprietary in-house fitness content.


Designed to give go-getters control over their fitness journey, the development of Cru TV and Cru TV Bike could not have come at a better time.

Yet that’s not all. Cru is still planning to debut two brand new studios in the third quarter of 2021. Partnering with the Mandala Club, one will offer a “gym of the future” featuring the Cru TV Bikes, while another will be the brand’s fifth studio in the Orchard precinct that offers new concepts CruYoga and CruHIIT.

Simply subscribe to the online workout classes to get a taste of what’s to come later this year.

More information available here.