Raffles Place’s sexy new gym has a realistic cycling class among other power and luxe touches

With so many gyms to choose from and unique workout classes that keep exercise fun like air-drumming, SaberFit and piloxing dotting the city, it’s easier than ever to stick to your wellness resolutions. For the suits and bankers slogging it away at Raffles Place, there’s a new place to work it out: the new Pure Fitness at Ocean Financial Centre (OFC).

The 20,500 sq ft space has huge changing rooms with steam and sauna facilities, complimentary workout attire, towels, an expansive lounge area and a healthy selection of superfood smoothies, cold-pressed juices and raw snacks. While they have earmarked spaces for strength and power workouts, stretching and regeneration, a cardio deck, a fitness studio and other machines, what sets it apart is its cycling studio which uses the RealRyder machine, making Pure Fitness OFC the first in Singapore to have them.

Spin classes are not at all new in Singapore, however, unlike the conventional stationary bikes which only stay at one upright angle, the RealRyder provides a more dynamic, functional and realistic experience as the frame allows it to move side-to-side, much like an outdoor bike. It involves figuratively steering, weaving and turning across workouts that are synced to high-energy music. Here, you’ll be moving freely over three planes that will help to improve your core strength and stability, challenge balance and coordination, all while burning 20% more calories compared to stationary bikes.

Of course if that’s too mild for you, there are also other classes and challenges you can take on like the Virtual Fitness, where you can join over 200 group fitness classes, including programs like BodyPump, BodyAttack, Insanity and others; or the TerraCore circuit-style class, a full body workout that engages all your large muscle groups.

More info on their website.