Reset your gut health with G-NiiB Immunity+

Stuck in a lemon water rut for your detox? It’s high time to hit the reset button on your gut health with G-NiiB Immunity+.


, Reset your gut health with G-NiiB Immunity+


Specially formulated for Asians, the dietary supplement helps you replenish good bacteria while suppressing the growth of anything bad in your gut. Developed on the back of 10 years of research on Asian gut microbiome using metagenomics and AI machine learning technology, they were able to precisely identify the live probiotics and prebiotics that are most suitable for us.

Based on a 3+3 Vibrant Probiotics and Prebiotics Golden Ratio, G-NiiB Immunity+ also relieves digestive discomfort, supports bowel regularity, and enhances your skin health in turn.


, Reset your gut health with G-NiiB Immunity+


Using a patented microencapsulation technology from Italy, G-NiiB Immunity+’s freeze-dried live bacteria are better protected through gastric acid and alkaline bile juice, effectively reaching the gut for colonisation.

To get back on top of your general health with G-NiiB Immunity+, simply consume one sachet daily, either directly or mixed with your food and any non-fizzy or non-alcoholic drinks. The formula is also suitable for children aged two and above, as well as pregnant and breastfeeding women.


G-NiiB Immunity+ is conveniently available for purchase at selected Watsons and Guardian stores, Shopee and Lazada.


For more information, visit G-NiiB’s website here for more information.