Singapore’s first sexual wellness festival is back to talk about sex

Are you the type to squirm and squeal any time someone brings up sex? Do you turn an unnatural shade of beetroot if coitus is so much as hinted at? If so, SPARK Fest Asia was made for you. Asia’s first sexual wellness festival returns for one day only on May 19 at The Hive Lavender, this time in its inaugural standalone edition. The business at hand? To get down, deep and possibly dirty about doing the deed.

Last year, the pioneer edition of Spark was held in conjunction with Green Is the New Black, otherwise known as the island’s first and only conscious festival. But dividing your time between the earth and yourself can be distracting, so this year the festival is splitting up and devoting a full event to sexual well-being—to celebrate all things love, passion and sex. (The earth can wait.)

Backing the event is none other than Strip Ministry of Waxing, arguably a frontrunner in breaking down cultural taboos when it comes to talking about self-care. In that same vein, Spark is presenting a five-part Facebook video series called #BreakTheWall, where 12 people will have honest, open conversations about love, intimacy and sex.

, Singapore’s first sexual wellness festival is back to talk about sex
The O Project, part of an art installation at SPARK Fest Asia 2018

But it’s the main event that will get you going. Konversations is a series of expert panel discussions by some 20 professionals from the wellness, sextech and media industries. Some hot topics you can expect include embracing intimacy, how to have The Talk with your children, a historical look at sexual revolutions globally, and the elusive female orgasm. The curated lineup has also to do with recognizing and adding to the dialogue around #MeToo, in particular addressing the need for better education on how to respond to different situations. (Step one: don’t victim-blame and/or shame.)

There will also be interactive art installations to do the talking where words don’t suffice. Female empowerment seems to be the theme here—think a room dedicated to the Yoni (a stylized representation of the vagina in Sanskrit) and overcoming shame and self-consciousness; plus a photography project capturing women before, during and after they climax during self-pleasure. Rounding up the program is a marketplace of eats, live music and workshops for all to participate in.

Embarrassed? You won’t be after this.

SPARK Fest Asia 2018 happens May 19 at The Hive Lavender. Festival passes are $35 and available here; more information here.