Singapore’s first integrated wellness center opens its doors

The Verita Advanced Wellness Center, the first of its kind in Singapore, will be holding an unusual open house event featuring a variety of free health assessments, talks and workshops, as well as grand discounts off wellness products and treatments previously not available here.
Prepare to emerge from the fair a healthier, more transparent you, as you indulge in foot and back massages, flotation therapy, neurofeedback sessions and even customized aromatherapy blends. As if that wasn’t fabulous enough, you will also be treated to talks and demonstrations of yoga, power smoothie blending and anti-stress techniques—all free!
For the right nudge towards a more effervescent holistic lifestyle, drop by the brand new Verita Advanced Wellness Center (Phoenix Park, 308 Tanglin Rd., 6737-2377) from 11am-6pm, Nov 28 and stand a chance to win assessment packages worth over $10,000.