Interact with Ellie the Elephant, paste stickers, and send heartwarming messages to people you care about

A bastion of sustainable development, Temasek Shophouse endeavours tirelessly to promote the greater good of humanity through social and environmental initiatives. In their latest effort to raise public awareness about mental wellness, they team up with Shan You, a social service agency that provides mental health and social care services, to present their signature public education campaign: The Elephant in Our Community.

The campaign's unmistakable mascot – Ellie the Mental Health Elephant – will be on display at Temasek Shophouse's main gallery from 22 Nov – 20 Dec. In a bid to destigmatise conversations about mental health issues, Ellie represents the voice of those suffering from the struggles and pain that all mental health conditions bring about.



Visitors of the showcase are encouraged to cheer Ellie up with stickers and messages on the event wall. Help raise awareness on your socials by using the hashtags #TemasekShophouse and #iamelliesg with pictures of your stickers! Don't forget to brighten someone else's day by tagging the people you want to share your messages with.

This event is non-ticketed and open to the public. Find out more about the event and Temasek Shophouse here. For more on Shan You and their cause, click here.