And go for a 30mins teeth whitening session while you’re at it

If poor sleep quality is something you struggle with, then you may wish to consider non-invasive methods of treatment to improve your rest time.

And to do that, you can start with wellness service provider Stellate, which has brought in Singapore’s first Japanese-style dry head massage to encourage better slumber.

Combining traditional Japanese massage techniques with a modern approach of reducing brain fatigue, this treatment lulls you into a meditative state of rest which relieves headaches and insomnia. Comprising gentle presses and pulls, the unconventional massage shifts pressure directions to increase blood circulation too.


Best of all, it coaxes the brain and body to experience real rest during and after treatment. Those facing stress and anxiety will be soothed appropriately by the sleep-inducing massage.

Some other benefits of the Moomin dry head massage include tension reduction and alleviation of sinus problems.


Another popular Japanese lifestyle treatment brought in by Stellate is the White30 programme. In a no-frills, DIY session, get to regain your teeth’s natural white colour without any bleaching or strong chemicals. A tried and tested teeth whitening service popular in Japan, the 30mins session can easily leave your teeth one to two shades lighter through the application of a safe solvent and LED light device.

Completely painless, patrons can also rest assured that the service will eliminate stains effectively in one simple session.

So take some time to rest and rejuvenate at Moomin and White30; outlets are found at both Funan mall and VivoCity.