Keep your mental health in check at this online wellness retreat

In these troubled times, keeping your mental health in check should be a major priority.

But if you’re unsure how, head to online lifestyle portal Voices Wellness’ first digital wellness retreat to learn the art of mindful living.

Happening from now till May 29, Voices Virtual features health and wellness-focused webinars, baking demonstrations as well as fitness classes including yoga and HIIT. To make the sessions extra accessible to locals, all programmes are free of charge, and sign-ups are available on a first-come-first-served basis.

So look forward to everything from an empowering yoga practice with Baptiste yoga teacher Sophie Sanders (May 29) to a sweaty HIIT session conducted by Axiom: Indoor Cycling + Strength (May 29). Those looking to destress will want to book a slot at Tina Chugani’s Kundalini yoga class (May 29), which uses exercise and mediation techniques to calm the body and mind.

, Keep your mental health in check at this online wellness retreat

Baking is also a form of therapy for many, and to wind down with some freshly-baked oatmeal raisin cookies, try the Bake Yourself Happy workshop (May 22), led by Debbra Lee for the Depressed Cake Shop Singapore movement.

All participants of Voices Virtual are encouraged to dress in grey with a pop of colour to signal hope in the midst of mental health struggles. After the various sessions, festival-goers will be treated to gifts of grey-coloured treats like ice cream and cupcakes too, to be redeemed on their own time.

And while a small contribution for these bakes have already been made to the Depressed Cake Shop Singapore movement by Voices Wellness, participants are encouraged to make their donations to Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH) as well.

“Mental health is an important component of our overall wellness, though it is often overlooked. It is equally important for us to cultivate mindful habits and self-care rituals as it is to maintain an active lifestyle,” says Voices Wellness co-founder Cheryl Lee.

She adds: “With Voices Virtual, the public can receive access to useful resources and hear from experts whom they can reach out to in times of need.”

Learn more about Voices Virtual here.