New Singapore startup Kfit gives you access to dozens of gyms

If you’ve ever bought an expensive gym membership and then felt constantly guilty for not using it enough, new fitness website Kfit is worth investigating. The brainchild of local entrepreneur Joel Neoh, Kfit has already scored a seven-figure funding from the US. For $99 a month, you can sign up for various classes at gyms and studios around town, without commiting to a single place. 

So far, they have places like Anthem Indoor Cycling, Core Synergy Studio, Kate Porter Yoga, Physical Abuse, Yoga Inc. and Aqua Spin and classes ranging from Muay Thai and CrossFit to hot yoga, Zumba and pole dancing. There’s no cap on the number of classes you can attend, but there are limits on the number of visits per gym per month. Right now, there are about 67 gyms to blaze through, and we predict there will be more options in the near future.

The obvious downside is the inconvenience of always being out of your comfort zone. If you love the routine of going to your regular place, seeing the same receptionist and locker room buddies, the thought of always being a self-conscious newcomer might be exhausting. If you get off on being a tourist gym rat, check out the site here. Early birds get $50 off their first month’s fee as well.

It will be available in app form on iOS and Android soon.