Your face will look firmer and more sculpted, says Face Yoga Method certified teacher Christabel Chua

Don’t laugh at face yoga; make funny faces instead. 

Face yoga is essentially a workout for your face. Like yoga where specific exercises are combined with breathing techniques to strengthen and relax the muscles, face yoga does the same—except it targets the visage.


By doing targeted facial poses, it helps release tension from overworked facial muscles and activate underworked ones. 

Blood circulation is improved, which means your skin cells are able to receive more oxygen and essential nutrients, leading to a more radiant and clearer complexion. 

The exercises will also tone your facial muscles to give you a lifted (read: younger) appearance.

The Face Yoga Method
So does it really work? Entrepreneur and influencer Christabel Chua (@bellywellyjelly) believes it does, so much so that she signed up with Fumiko Takatsu, founder of the Face Yoga Method, to learn more. 


After months of online training, she is now a Face Yoga Method certified teacher. 

Her inspiration was her mum, who began practising face yoga more than three years ago to treat spasms on her face. Christabel says: “After two years, I could really see a difference. She was no longer on medication and her face was more symmetrical. She does look younger and her jawline is more defined.”

As for herself, she says her face is more radiant and looks less tired. 

What face yoga is like
Christabel debuted her class at the second session of Glow On in Jan. Glow On is a three-part pilot series presented by Glow Festival and held in partnership with the Singapore Tourism Board.

Although there are more than 70 Face Yoga Method poses, Christabel demonstrated simple exercises for beginners to kick-start the routine. Here are some of them.

To warm up the face, start by saying “wow” in an exaggerated way, opening your mouth as wide as possible. This helps to relieve tension and stress. 

You can also blow exaggerated raspberries—just purse your lips together and blow. The vibration helps relax facial muscles.


Another is the Mini Facelift, which happens to be Christabel’s favourite pose. Stretch out your right arm at a 45-degree angle. Lift your other arm and place your ring finger on your eyelid and your middle finger on your temple. Tilt your head to the left, stick out your tongue and say “haaaaah”. 

You will look ridiculous but hey, it’s worth a try for a non-invasive facelift that can be done in the privacy of your home. 

And that’s the best part about face yoga—you can do it almost anywhere, at any time. 

However, Christabel warns not to overdo the exercises or overstretch your face. “Imagine your face as a piece of paper. If you keep folding the paper at a certain angle, you get a crease, which represents the wrinkles on your face.” 

She strongly suggests to do the exercises when your face is well moisturised. Don’t forget to breathe and keep your posture straight. 

More classes are in the pipeline. Follow Christabel Chua’s Face Yoga Method page @faceyogahome for updates. More information on the Face Yoga Method is available here.