Burn those calories as you journey through futuristic cities and picturesque beaches

Nothing sucks the motivation out of you at the gym faster than having a blank white wall as your eye candy. A mirror or outdoor view keep things interesting sometimes, but why not—in this day and age—make better use of virtual reality technology and strap on an immersive visual device onto your head as you work on that flab?

That’s exactly what Pure Fitness’ newest outlet finally allows us to do. Whether you’re already a gym rat or just hoping to inject new spice into your fitness routine, this centrally located fitness centrer in the heart of Orchard will do you wonders.

Possibly the most hi-tech gym in Singapore to-date, Pure Fitness Ngee Ann City is a 28,000 sq ft facility opening in December, making it the third Pure Fitness gym here. What sets this one apart from all other gyms here, including its other outlets, is its Innovation Lab—where all things tech combine with your usual gym equipment to give it that extra fun factor. While on the bikes, you can use pedal strokes to ride cars, tanks, horses and more, giving you that extra visual oomph to keep you going.

The Innovation Lab will also be the place where they will continue to trial cutting-edge fitness experiences and gather live feedback, allowing gym users to have a say in what might be permanently implemented in the future.

If you don’t want to strap on a VR helmet while exercising, the 270° Immersive Fitness studio has you sorted. Here, simply do as you would when cycling on a bike and let the cinema-quality projection take you on a trip up and down steep glaciers, through space age cities and past beautiful sunsets.

Of course, there’s more than the techie stuff to enjoy here. You can expect this new Pure Fitness branch to be more than well-equipped with features like a 30m sprint track, dedicated boxing area, a range of studio fitness programmes to choose from, a lounge to chill and munch on healthy snacks in post-workout, and much more.

Pure Fitness Ngee Ann City is located at 8/F, Ngee Ann City Podium Block, 391 Orchard Rd.