Including a self-disinfecting gadget for pushing buttons

You can never be too careful when it comes to health and hygiene, especially when there’s an infectious virus plaguing the nation. In these tough times, keep your loved ones safe by ramping up on cleanliness and abiding by safe distancing measures. For an additional peace of mind, also check out the following social distancing tools which you can easily take with you on the go, to remain bacteria-, germs-, and hopefully virus-free.

Button pushing gadget

If you worry about where others’ hands have been before pushing elevator buttons or any touch-sensitive objects for that matter, then get this compact button pushing tool to avoid any direct contact. Easy to take on the go, the tool is equipped to disinfect itself immediately after use, so don’t even worry about cleaning it too.

Disinfectant pocket spray

A non-toxic, non-alcohol, non-corrosive disinfectant spray that does its job at killing bacteria and germs, the BioCair BC-65 Disinfectant Pocket Spray will set you on the road to good hygiene. Never fret about harmful pathogens when you leave the house with this nifty number again; simply use it on surfaces such as those on electronic devices, door knobs, car handles and more.


Keep all your bases covered with disposable latex protective gloves like these. So whether you’re heading out to the grocery store to pick up necessities or dining out at a cafe, the elastic sleeves should serve you well. Transparent and much more inconspicuous than most medical gloves, find 100 pieces per box to share with the rest of your household.


It is likely that wearing goggles in public will earn you stares, but hey, anything for safety, right? Safeguard against diseases with a pair of fully-enclosed, medical-grade goggles that can also be worn over regular glasses, or another that just goes up to the temples. Either way, the scratch-proof lenses should allow you to see clearly while offering maximum protection.


For a comfortable and breathable mask that fits perfectly, order plenty of this reusable and washable piece. Available in a variety of colours including blue, green and pink, rest assured these will keep your nose, mouth and chin covered for full protection. If necessary, even try adding on an adjustable mask extender to keep your mask secure for long periods of time.