Break a sweat without heading to the gym with these 5 fun at-home workouts

Working out in the comfort of your own home can actually be fun. There’s no judgement from gym rats, no need to shell out hundreds of dollars for a membership, and your clean, home shower is just around the corner. So get active during this circuit breaker period; here are dance workouts, HIIT exercises and MMA routines to get with. You’ve got no reason not to keep fit.

Dance workout

English professional dancer and model Danielle Peazer is all about the dance moves, and you can get into shape by working out with her via her YouTube videos. But don’t underestimate the dance routines; you’ll definitely be sweating buckets by the time the party’s over.

HIIT workout

You won’t require any gym equipment for this HIIT at-home workout, but you’ll still feel the burn. Low impact and fat-burning, go through four rounds of intense exercises, with 30 seconds of rest time in-between. Just remember to take the rest time seriously in order to properly reap the benefits of HIIT.

MMA routine

Good luck not looking like a hot mess after a rigorous MMA workout. In this 40min routine, train alongside a HasFit instructor with kicks, boxing moves, push-ups and more. It also helps that the video offers a calorie-burner counter which serves as extra motivation.

Pilates mat exercises

Pilates doesn’t just build lean muscle; it also helps with posture. So tone up with Blogilates, aka Cassey Ho as she keeps you moving to the beat with her online pop pilates class. Ready your abs—here comes the eagle crunches, cross crunches and scissor legs.


If you’re looking to tone, stretch and condition your body, try practicing yoga. All you really need is a mat, although keeping yoga blocks and towels by your side are helpful too. See the above vinyasa flow home yoga session, which easily guides you through your practice, whether you’re experienced or not. P.S. If you are an avid yogi, also check out the Mostly Yoga – with Aaron Tan podcast on Spotify, where the expert practitioner leads you with his soothing voice alone.