Fab or fad? You be the judge

We aren’t exactly in lockdown mode, but most gyms and fitness studios remain closed. And if you’ve grown weary of making rounds around your neighbourhood, then perhaps it’s time to try something new. Below, find a number of novelty exercise equipment to check out if you’re looking for a less conventional home workout. We can’t say we know these pieces will work for sure, but you can always try it for yourself.

Hip Trainer

This hip training device is an interesting one. To use, place the equipment in between your legs and simply start performing lower body exercises with it. Like we said before, we won’t know if it’ll prove effective, but you can always give it a go.

Pedal Puller

Abdominal exercise equipment Pedal Puller seems to operate similarly to an indoor rowing machine. Tuck your feet into the foot pedal and quickly begin to start pulling at the elastic ropes while clenching your core. If you find the equipment versatile enough, try getting creative and see what other exercises you can perform with it.

Pilates Circle Ring

For a Pilates-inspired product that promises to activate isolated muscles, try this Circle Ring. Intensify your at-home pilates sessions with this, or just use it to improve your posture. It’s up to you.

Portable Sit-Up Bar with Foot Support

If you’re constantly doing sit-ups while working out at home, consider purchasing this device simply aimed at helping beginners keep their feet on the ground while they exercise. A highly-durable piece like this has just the right height and suction quality, so there’s no doubt it’s worth every penny.

Thigh Toner

Essentially the modern day version of Suzanne Somers’ ThighMaster that rose to popularity in the ‘90s, this Thigh Toner tool claims to help shape, tone and firm your inner thighs. While spot training is often considered ineffective, using this piece of equipment alongside a proper fitness regimen may provide results. After all, some have professed their love for this particular gear.