Including cult classics such as Clueless and Pulp Fiction

Besides presenting us defining moments in history such as the public launch of the World Wide Web and even the fall of the Soviet Union, the ‘90s was also a remarkable decade for film. So take a trip down memory lane and enjoy some of the most iconic movies of the era; we guarantee you’ll be knee-deep in nostalgia by the time you’re done re-watching these flicks.


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Widely considered one of the best teen films ever made, Clueless is to the ‘90s what Mean Girls is to the ‘00s. Loosely based on Jane Austen’s 1815 novel Emma, the 1995 movie follows high schooler Cher Horowitz as she befriends a new student in town while learning to deal with the pressures of adolescence. Now on Netflix.

Fight Club

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Jaded and unfulfilled, an automobile recall specialist meets a soap salesman and quickly forms an underground fight club with him in the 1999 hit Fight Club. But being based on a Chuck Palahniuk book of the same name, a transgressional and sinister end to the film should be expected. Wait, what was the first rule of Fight Club again? Available on Amazon Prime Video.

Jurassic Park

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Award-winning and culturally significant media franchise Jurassic Park was first brought to life in 1993 by one Steven Spielberg. In the first installment, watch an entrepreneur’s wildlife park boasting cloned dinosaurs erupt into chaos. And of course, this is the film that offers that iconic shirtless scene of Jeff Goldblum that sealed his fate as hunky Dr Ian Malcolm for years to come. Stream it via Amazon Prime Video.

Pulp Fiction

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Neo-noir crime flick Pulp Fiction is obscenely cool, quotable and above all, remains an influential American masterpiece by its now controversial director Quentin Tarrantino. Offering a non-linear storytelling narrative, the movie intertwines the lives of two hitmen, a couple of small-town crooks, a gangster’s wife and even a boxer. This cult classic often sees plenty of tributes too, particularly on All Hallows’ Eve. Check it out on Amazon Prime Video.


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The epic romance and disaster movie that catapulted both Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet to fame was a tear-jerker back in 1997. With both historical and fictionalised aspects incorporated, Titanic sets sail artist Jack Dawson and young aristocrat Rose’s love aboard the “unsinkable” ship which eventually meets its ill-fated end. Now on Netflix.