Award-winning flicks that are as insightful as they come

If you’ve grown weary of full-length feature films on Netflix, or have even binged them all, here’s a list of award-winning short flicks that’ll do right by you. And unlike most mindless celebrity-packed movies, these are introspective, thought-provoking numbers that are perfect for those self-reflective days.

Alternative Math

A hilarious and satire short that explores our attitudes toward education and educators, Alternative Math follows an adept math teacher who is challenged by a post-truth society. For something immensely ahead of its time, catch this movie that expounds on various subjects and tackles issues on different levels—all in under 10mins.


An award-winning work by Tahneek Rahman, Different is a 5-min film that sees two persons with disabilities and their different methods of coping. Touching, heartwarming and discerning, the flick reminds us to work towards common goals despite our differences.

Hair Love

In this Oscar-winning animated short film by Matthew A. Cherry, Stephen is a father who learns to style his daughter Zuri’s thick and kinky hair. Produced after a successful Kickstarter campaign, the plot of Hair Love may seem curious to some, but it all plays out nicely. In fact, just last year, Sony Pictures Animation picked up the piece and it was released theatrically later in 2019. So check it out to see what the hype is all about.

The Neighbors' Window

Oscar-winning short The Neighbors’ Window is truly in a league of its own. Written and directed by four-time Oscar nominee and filmmaker Marshall Curry, the flick revolves around Alli, a jaded mother whose life is shaken up when a young, free-spirited couple move in across the street and she peeks into their world through their apartment window.