The 11 best video streaming platforms for movies, shows and other entertainment

Sure, Netflix is a trustworthy streaming service that provides solid entertainment, but what if you want more than that? Below, check out the 11 best video streaming platforms online that offer movies, TV shows and beyond—from those that screen ballet performances to others curating award-winning cinema.

Amazon Prime Video

, The 11 best video streaming platforms for movies, shows and other entertainment

More than just a shipping service, Amazon Prime is a subscription service that offers members access to a variety of Amazon-related perks. Part of any Amazon Prime membership, get dibs on Prime Video, which entails an unlimited streaming of movies and television shows. Amazon is constantly expanding its Prime Video library with new content; just find Amazon Originals such as the latest in the Star Trek franchise as well as old favourites like The Office (U.S.).

Broadway HD

An on-demand digital streaming service based in New York City, trust Broadway HD to bring you the best recorded live theatre performances. Not only can you sing along to Bye Bye Birdie, but you can dance to Kinky Boots and get lost in the musical magic of Les Miserables too.


Marvel and Star Wars fans will know Disney+ well. But besides catching WandaVision, The Mandalorian or even The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, be sure to check out its entire suite of content across six brands. Recent adds include Black Swan, Love, Simon and other R21 movies.


To get unlimited and instant access to acclaimed TV series such as Westworld, Insecure and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, just subscribe to HBO. This is no doubt the online streaming arm of the American premium cable network, and you can get a free trial for seven days before committing to a membership.


, The 11 best video streaming platforms for movies, shows and other entertainment

Hulu may not have been a popular choice back in the day, but it certainly is a viable option now. And that’s all thanks to their groundbreaking Hulu Originals such as The Handmaid’s Tale and Marvel’s Runaways. New users, don’t forget to get your free trial before subscribing to the streaming service.


, The 11 best video streaming platforms for movies, shows and other entertainment

For binge-worthy Korean and Chinese dramas, try iQiyi, aka iQiyi International. Upcoming shows include My Roommate is a Gumiho that’s the streaming platform’s first Korean drama series (co-produced with Studio Dragon), as well as Imitation which stars Park Ji Yeon and Kang Chan Hee. Adapted from a Webtoon story, the latter is actually an iQiyi exclusive too. 


A curated platform showcasing contemporary and classic cinema, Mubi is truly a treasure for cinephiles. Everyday, the site introduces a new film of the day before taking another away, in order to offer 30 hand-picked films for both watching and downloading. From cult classics to award-winning masterpieces, find movies such as Antigone, The Grand Bizarre and more. Try Mubi for free for seven days, and check out their Feed to see what people are saying about the films.


, The 11 best video streaming platforms for movies, shows and other entertainment

A streaming platform so iconic, it had a slang coined after it. You won’t regret signing up for a Netflix account thanks to its many docuseries and dramas including Tiger King and Sex Education; there’s even a wide variety of stand-up comedies on the site for you to get a good laugh. Need we say more?

The Projector Plus

It’s possible to enjoy that indie arthouse cinema experience right in your own home thanks to The Projector. Essentially a virtual home for the cineplex and its community to find all the content the venue has to offer, simply browse flicks representative of The Projector’s curatorial approach as a mix of award-winning releases are always available for rent. Right now, there’s Corpus Christi that sees a delinquent teen masquerading as a priest, as well as 2018 historical drama film Cold War.


Here’s where to look if you’re a fan of Korean dramas. Over at Viu, enjoy the smash-hit A World of Married Couple, the epic love story that is Find Me in Your Memory, and even Memorist, that stars the charming Yoo Seung-ho. And on top of that, find a whole slew of Korean variety shows just awaiting your time.

YouTube Premium

While online video sharing platform YouTube may seem to have no business being part of this list, the introduction of their YouTube Premium feature has changed the game. ‘Cause apart from getting ad-free content, you’ll also find exclusive original shows done in collaboration with the site’s production team. For example, there’s Justin Bieber: Seasons which looks at Justin Bieber’s life and the making of his latest album, as well as BTS: Burn the Stage that is a behind-the-tour documentary of the humongous K-pop group. However, if you aren’t prepared to shell out dollars for the subscription, you can wait for certain episodes to be aired, free-of-charge.