Watch this new Covid-19 documentary series to make sense of the pandemic

In hindsight, it’s easy to point fingers and to say world governments didn’t do enough to contain the Covid-19 pandemic.

Back when we were all still calling it the novel coronavirus (or the Wuhan virus), no one could have predicted that it will be the global catastrophe it is today, being the cause of tens of thousands of deaths, in addition to inflicting an immeasurable amount of damage on economies and billions of livelihoods. Or could we have?

Shedding light on all this is a new two-part docuseries by Discovery Channel, that attempts to try and make sense of the pandemic that has sparked our current global emergency. The first part, titled Covid-19: Battling the Devil, profiles the minutes that led to the mass quarantine of Wuhan, the epicentre of the virus.

, Watch this new Covid-19 documentary series to make sense of the pandemic

See what goes on in the city that was the first to undergo lockdown, and hear from frontline doctors, scientists, volunteers and public officials who were at the forefront of the battle to save their city, country, and now the world.

In part two, Pandemic: Covid-19, we get to see how despite best efforts, the virus has managed to spread throughout China and beyond. Get the latest inside look at how authorities worldwide are testing, identifying and treating patients, which led to the realisation that this is no normal crisis.

Also, find out why so many were unprepared for a situation like this (was it just complacency?), and trace the origins of patient zero in the United States, currently the world’s worst-hit nation.

This docuseries may not be the panacea we need for our physical bodies, but it might just be the remedy we need for our sudden existential crisis.

Covid-19: Battling the Devil airs Apr 5, 9pm, while Pandemic: Covid-19 airs Apr 26, 9pm, both on Discovery Channel, Singtel TV Channel 202.