A dark comedy about the people everyone loves to hate

Cast: Hanli Hoefer, J. Jaikishan, Naomi Yeo

Things aren’t what they seem on the surface when it comes to Khloe, a new dark comedy series about the tribulations of Insta fame—and of highly manicured social media personalities and vivacious YouTubers in general.

Carrying the show is eponymous protagonist/villain Khloe Wong (Hanli Hoefer) as a prim and proper rising star. Her image is one that is pristine and bright, or so others think.

As an influencer who has already made it big with legions of followers on social media, Khloe vies for greater fame by trying to land a coveted acting role. However, things don't go her way when the role is given to another. She then goes all out to make sure things do go her way, and nothing is off the table—perhaps even murder.

Hanli Hoefer as Khloe Wong

Each 30min episode in this 10-part local production leaves you with a love/hate relationship with main character Khloe. Beneath her friendly demeanour lies a manipulative and scheming persona, and therein lies much of the darker aspects of the show and which also drives the plot forward.

Khloe's two-faced nature is delivered Deadpool style, where you have her speaking directly (or simply winking) to the camera to reveal her inner most (often sinister) thoughts. You know you're given exclusive exposition when the fourth wall is broken.

So only you the audience carry the knowledge of the dark deeds the seemingly nice and charming Khloe has committed. You are kept guessing what her next move might be, while at the same time left wondering if her crimes will eventually be found out by others.

J. Jaikishan as Joshua Paul

Will Joshua Paul (J. Jaikishan), a jaded magazine journalist who seems to be only finding success with click-bait sensationalist stories about influencers, be Khloe's undoing?

How about when character Anna Khoo (Naomi Yeo), a victim of a sex video leak who finally manages to find the strength to speak out against her aggressor amidst the #MeToo movement, probes too close for comfort?

Sex scandals, social media kerfuffles and other annoyances that often come with Insta fame are bread and butter in the series, so expect plenty of twists and shocks to be par for the course. The deeper you get into the series, the darker it gets.

Naomi Yeo as Anna Khoo

Throughout the show, the traditional media (journalists and radio deejays etc.) also become unwitting accomplices and enablers of degenerate influencer ambitions, touching on poignant points in today's world about how they've also perhaps been manipulated on an institutional level.

A show that touches on how unhealthy celebrity culture can be and the lengths many go to to attain influencer status, Khloe is a pertinent, digestible number in this digital age while being light hearted enough for binge watching.

It'll leave you wondering just how true the narratives of some of these fake digital personalities can be in real life.

Watch the first five episodes of Khloe on meWATCH starting May 21, and the final five the following week from May 28.