Answering all your burning questions about Covid-19

Covid-19 has changed the world as we know it. It’s only expected that we’d have questions concerning the pandemic we’re currently living through. And hoping to shed some light on the situation is Netflix and Vox, with their new collaborative docuseries that discusses everything about the coronavirus—from its spread to the history of diseases.

Named Coronavirus, Explained, the documentary series does bear some resemblance to other Vox and Netflix limited series' like Sex, Explained and The Mind, Explained, where they examine the science behind human occurrences.

Supposedly told in three parts, the first episode ‘This Pandemic’ has been released over the past weekend, with the second and third episode scheduled for summer 2020. So don’t hesitate to give the first installment a watch, as the series delves into the beginnings of the infectious Covid-19 before explaining the various measures taken to curb its spread through interviews with medical experts and even Bill Gates himself. Plus, healthcare professionals have stepped in to divulge how they have been attempting to brace themselves for a pandemic such as this by using research from past outbreaks.

With additional episodes to come, we’re also hoping the show will bust myths about the coronavirus and address the politics and issues that have surfaced over the last couple of weeks.

Whether you have caught other documentaries about Covid-19 like the two-part docuseries by the Discovery Channel or not, give Coronavirus, Explained a chance; you’re bound to learn valuable information about the state we’re in and how you can do your part to prevent the spread of this virus.

Coronavirus, Explained is now on Netflix. Check out the trailer here.