Enjoy a full-fledged, cinematic experience at home thanks to the arthouse cineplex

Binge watching television shows and movies has definitely been everyone’s favourite pastime since the circuit breaker period. And while most cinemas are pulling out all the stops to welcome locals back to the big screen, it is essential for movie theatres to diversify, in order to cater to all its patrons.

Which is why beloved arthouse cinema The Projector is moving ahead with the launch of its new digital arm, The Projector Plus (P+), that’s essentially a new virtual home for the cineplex and its community to find all the content the venue has to offer, just online.

So with P+, expect to enjoy the quintessential Projector experience right in your own home, as the team has debuted numerous offerings and programmes through this online platform.

First, along with the launch comes a slew of flicks that are representative of The Projector’s curatorial approach to the physical theatres as there is a mix of award-winning new releases available for rent. In addition to Honeyland, Support The Girls, Only The Animals, also choose from the Director’s Retrospectives selection that entails a Zhang Yimou and Gong Li showcase.

Martin Eden

Then, look forward to the opening of the Virtual Italian Film Festival in Singapore on P+ from Jul 30 to Sep 30, done in partnership with the Embassy for Italy. The festival will offer a free online screening of The Champion (II Campione) before being followed by six diverse films accessible by pay per view. This includes multi award-winning flick The Traitor (Il Traditore), queer romantic comedy An Almost Ordinary Summer (Croce e delizia), as well as indie refugee drama Twin Flowers (Fiore Gemello).

And since a cinematic experience would not be complete without good grub, The Projector is also offering home delivery on all of its delicious movie snacks such as nachos, grilled cheese, chilli dogs, popcorn, craft beer and much more.

Plus, those interested in hosting virtual parties can contact the venue to organise bespoke events under their Room Service wing.

But rest assured that The Projector’s physical cinema has not been replaced; The Projector Plus is simply a digital expansion that’s capable of catering to all who may be unable to visit the venue but would still like to enjoy the arthouse cinema experience. In fact, with the brand’s ability to readily diversify, we have no doubt that more physical and virtual offerings will be dished out in time to come.

More information about The Projector Plus here.