Donate first, party later with this campaign that assists other Covid-19 initiatives

The entertainment and nightlife industry is arguably one of the hardest hit sectors in Singapore due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent government-mandated safety measures. Yet in such trying times, party organisers such as Paper Street Soap Company continue to extend help in the only way they know how.

With their latest #GotYouCoveredSG campaign, the party people behind popular throwback soiree This is the 90s and emo night This is Heartbreak are attempting to give back to the community and those affected by the virus outbreak.

The rules are simple. Just donate $30 (equivalent to their party’s cover charge) to any of the Covid-19-related charities listed on and post an Instagram story showcasing said transaction. Then tag any one of their party’s social media handles and insert hashtag #GotYouCoveredSG too. If your Instagram account is private, drop them a DM to let them know you’ve contributed to their cause.

The folks will take note of your donation and follow up with a private message on how you may redeem a one-time free entry to any one of their future shindigs. Currently, the campaign is limited to the first 100 pax, although if the number of donations exceeds, they’ll roll with it and cap it at a higher number later on.

Paper Street Soap Company isn’t affiliated with any of the charities involved or with; they’re simply trying to look out for others affected by the epidemic. So to do a good deed and be granted free entry to a fun bash in the future, donate and they’ve #GotYouCoveredSG.

Being able to live it up all you want with your favourite event crew when the circuit breaker measures have lifted is just icing on the cake.

More details about the #GotYouCoveredSG campaign available here.