WATCH: Create your very own New York Sour with this easy 5-ingredient recipe

Practicing the art of bartending at home isn’t just a fun way to cure boredom; it’s also the perfect excuse to get day drunk. In this video, we headed to Lumo bar at South Bridge Road (pre-circuit breaker, of course) to learn how to make a New York Sour using only five ingredients.

A variation of the Whisky Sour, this cocktail can be easily identified by the red wine that floats atop the beverage. To make, simply place whisky (45ml), lemon juice (25ml) and simple syrup (20ml) into a cocktail shaker and shake well. Next, fine-strain the mixture into a chilled glassware with ice, and float the red wine (30ml). Lastly, garnish the drink with an orange peel and enjoy.

View the video below for Lumo’s bartender Alex’s take on the New York Sour.