Mildly Wet is the online party you need to sort out your socialising needs

Party people, staying at home must be hard for you. After all, isolation and distancing are antithesis to us social beings, and being forced to coop up at home can feel suffocating at times, to say the least.

But stay home we must, for the greater good. Still, that doesn’t mean you need to give up on your social life altogether. A new party series has started and it’s accessible from the comfort of your bedroom, study, living room, or wherever you have set up your webcam. Plus, it’s completely free and LGBT-friendly too.

Enter Mildly Wet, a newly-formed online dance club where you can party from the safety of your own home. Its last event, held on April 3, saw more than 100 attendees (some even in pairs and groups) logging on from Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

Activities ranged from dance-offs and lip-syncing to playing with virtual backgrounds and people simply goofing around. This all happened as a DJ kept things lively. Costumes are also encouraged.

To get into this club, you’ll need to be on Zoom, the teleconferencing platform everyone’s using right now. Then, you need to get an e-ticket via Eventbrite as spots are limited. A day before the party, the Zoom event code will be e-mailed to you. Then all you gotta do is log on when the club opens.

So if you’ve got nowhere else to be on Saturday night, we’ll see you on the dance bedroom floor.

Mildly Wet takes place every Saturday, 9pm AEDT on Zoom. Free e-ticket required for entry.