6 sake delivery services in Singapore to get your nihonshu fix

No two sakes are made equal, and the same is true for those selling them. Afterall, they are oftentimes the same folks curating the selection on offer. And trust us when we say you are better off buying bottles from people who know deeply, and are passionate, about the sakes they sell. Check out these five online sake stores below, that are truly some of the best in town.

Inter Rice Asia

The stalwart of Singapore’s sake scene, Inter Rice is easily the place to go to for serious sake buyers. Their stock is vast, they’ve got everything from aged sake to nama (unpasteurised) sake, unfiltered ones to treasured 1.8L bottlings. Whatever your preference is, they’ve probably got it. Free next-day delivery for orders above $250.


Popular sake shop Orihara Shoten over at Roberton Quay now has an online delivery arm too. As you’d expect from the long-time sake purveyor, find a wealth of sake brands and styles here, including seasonal releases, and even umeshu and shochu too. There’s free delivery if you spend a minimum of $200 or purchase three bottles.


Find a good selection of sakes but also sochu, umeshu, Japanese whiskies and more here. Launched by the same folks behind distributor Whistler Wine & Spirits, they are also the only ones offering a sake subscription service, where you can get surprise bottles sent to you each month, meant to expose you to and educate you on the world of sakes. Free delivery for orders above $100.


Not only do they have a cute name, Sakechan also makes it easy for newcomers by letting you browse their wares by flavour profiles. Want something fruity and aromatic? They’ve got that sorted for you. Of course, you’re more than welcome to search by type, brewery or price too. Deliveries above $150 are free.

Sake Inn

This online sake boutique offers a good range of premium labels to choose from, and is also the only site where you can add Japanese foodstuffs and sake accessories along with your order. You’ll find things like the Curry Udon Bundle, that pairs a bottle of sake with what you’ll need to cook a curry udon dish yourself—making staying at home that much easier. Orders above $100 get free delivery.

Sake to Go

Sake to Go is curated by sake sommelier Ayumi Fujishiro, who believes that sakes should be drank according to one’s mood rather than by classification. And that’s why the bottles on this platform are sorted by categories like “Take It Easy” and “Party Harder”, referring to sakes that make everyone happy and those that get you in the zone, respectively. True to their name, delivery can be done within the hour.