Get your hands on them before they run out

Some days, the heat can really get to you. The air is still, the fan lends a breeze but you're still sweating, and turning on the AC just seems to add unwanted guilt into the equation. That's when you turn to the fridge and pop open a cold one for an instant—no matter how short-lived—relief from the sweltering weather.

Taking it up a notch are the following local seasonal craft beers (and mead), that up the cool-off factor by using ingredients that add to the refreshing quality of the drink. Get your hands on them while you can—they are only available while the batch lasts.

Chrysanthemum Mead by Lion City Meadery

Trust us when we say that gulping down one of these on a hot day gives you a truly instantly gratifying sensation. It's a mead done in a style craft beer folks will enjoy, but where lovers of liang teh (herbal tea) will also find familiar thanks to the abundant use of chrysanthemum flowers. Is it a cooling tea, a beer or a mead? It's the best of all three worlds, we say.

Mango Salad Gose by Brewlander

Yes, you read that right. Inspired by the brewer's favourite mango salad dish from a restaurant in Cambodia, this beer is a refreshingly sour, tropical mango explosion. You'll even get a bit of bite and fruity aromas from the use of habanero chili (without giving it any spiciness), while basil and mint rounds out the flavours nicely. Highly smashable too.

Melon by Off Day Beer Company

With copious use of fresh watermelon and mint, this slightly tart and juicy sour beer is a real thirst quencher. Plus, with a low enough ABV of 4%, draining a couple bottles of them during the day remains a viable option while working from home.

Sunglow by Off Day Beer Company

Another one by Off Day (these guys really want you to sit back and take some time off), the Sunglow is a tropical IPA that hopes to brighten your day with vibrant notes of pineapple and citrus that brings back fond memories of island vacations. It's refreshingly easy to drink for an IPA as well.