Something vintage, something savoury, something pink and something explosive

It's that time of year again when the world decides to put one category of spirit on the pedestal as the perfect excuse for wanton imbibing (hey, we're not complaining). Come June 13, the annual World Gin Day returns for its 2020 run, this time, in the midst of a global pandemic.

Unlike other years, the celebration won't be taking place at your local bar. Rather, expect gin brands around the world to head online to offer awareness and support for bars in need—but also to showcase their amazing juniper-infused spirits, of course. Here, we highlight a few gins of Asian origin you might want to offer your support to this World Gin Day. Cheers!

Gunpowder Gin

With an explosive name like that, all sorts of expectations can come up. But the name for this small-batch gin by Pan-Asian label The Orientalist Spirits actually comes from its use of Taiwanese gunpowder tea as one of its base botanicals. Other ingredients used in its production are also equally Asian—Siberian ginseng, Kampot peppercorns, Korean omija berries, Malaysian torch ginger, Japanese shiso flowers and Chinese osmanthus, to name a few. Expect an intense flavour explosion with each sip of this uniquely handcrafted spirit, that we can assure you is unlike any gin you've tried before. Try it as part of a martini or in a G&T using a robust tonic like the Bitter from EB Tonic.

Pahit Pink

Not only will a bottle of this sit pretty on any home bar shelf, this Malayan-inspired gin by homegrown brand Brass Lion Distillery is a full-bodied, spiced gin made with a unique Singaporean twist. Expect pronounced notes of citrus and cinnamon with each sip, that might trigger memories of festive periods celebrated here. And unlike most gins, you're better off sipping this on the rocks, or mixing it with ginger ale rather than tonic or soda. You'll have a real kick with this one.

Pandan Gin

This small-batch creation by The Spiffy Dapper in collab with Tanglin Gin Distillery is (obviously) for all you pandan lovers out there. Launched with no pomp and circumstance, very few know of this new gin yet. The aromatic pandan plant is allowed to shine in this spirit, being designed to simply work well as part of a gin & tonic. Be among the first to try it for yourself.

Suuankou Gin

If you've been following the development of local distillery Compendium (they're the folks behind the Rojak and Chendol Gins), you'll know that they don't do boring. And with the release of their limited-edition Suuankou Gin, they've really taken things up a notch. It is first distilled from homemade vintage honey mead (rather than using a general neutral grain spirit), then infused with a blend of over 30 medicinal herbs and botanicals before being aged in French oak and bottled at still strength. At a potent 68% ABV, it's the highest proof made-in-Singapore spirit out there in the market. It's a very intense and interesting gin, that's perfect for those looking to experience something new, layered and complex.

Zhen Gin

This gin is the real deal when it comes to supporting bars in need. Started by two Singaporeans, Zhen Gin is the newest entry to the market, but that doesn't mean they're doing any less than the big boys. Till June 30, a portion of all sales proceeds actually goes to a #BarTabSG Relief Fund, that goes to helping bartenders who have lost jobs or income because of the circuit breaker measures. As for the gin itself, the creation of it is quite a storied one. The founders were first inspired when they found damaged rice crops caused by seasonal typhoons in Taiwan. They figured the still-usable rice can be repurposed for distillation instead, giving birth to the artisanal gin we see today. It's best enjoyed chilled neat.