Goodies packed conveniently for your feasting pleasure

No longer just a quick fix, bento meals have become indulgent, all-in-one packages worth savouring slowly. Rather than trawling through your food delivery app to find another cookie cutter boxed meal, order directly from these restaurants below for a bento set actually worth the calories.

Blue Jasmine

If you're craving for a satisfying Thai meal, look no further. From sets like Tom Yam Fried Rice ($13) to good ol' Pad Thai ($13), all seven of their bento options come with sides like Thai fish cake and fried spring rolls, among many others. And to make it a truly complete meal, you'll even find a dessert in the form of—you guessed it—mango sticky rice.

Goodwood Park Hotel

Who knew you could make a bento box out of Taiwanese porridge? Served by the hotel's famed Coffee Lounge, expect items like wok-fried black pepper beef, braised pork belly and chye poh omelette to go with your silky porridge. Each box goes for just $12.85 and orders $120 and above gets you free delivery.

Izakaya Hikari

While best known for their creative izakaya offerings (their Natto Udon and Wagyu Beef Cube Skewers are amazing), the budding haunt now offers bento sets for your easy delivery fix too. Definitely try the Unagi Donburi ($20.90) and the Salmon Mentaiko Donburi ($18.90), that both come inclusive of a salad, miso soup and green tea. While you're at it, feel free to peruse their succinct sake list for affordable bottles to enjoy at home.

Kingdom of Belgians

Say goodbye to reheating your islandwide deliveries. This hidden casual bistro tucked away in a Robertson Quay condominium now offers a bento box that's perfect for those looking for meals best served cold. Their four-course Bento Box ($39.90) features Belgian summer classics like the traditional Gray Shrimp stuffed in a cold tomato, a steak tartare served with a side of milk bread, a creamy potato salad and a chocolate brownie to complete the meal. Feel free to indulge in their selection of Liege waffles (their yuzu chocolate one is a winner) as well, or even their vast selection of Belgian bottled beers.

The Kitchen Table

Here's a delivery option that definitely plys to Sentosa. They've got three bento options (all $21) to choose from, and each caters to a different palate. There's one packed with local flavours and there's also a healthy vegetarian option. But the one we've got our eyes set on is the Western Wonders, that's filled with crab mac & cheese, crispy bacon, grilled half baby chicken, charred broccolini, tomato mozzarella salad, and to end it on a sweet note, a slice of chocolate opera cake.

The Masses

Have fine casual French-Asian cuisine plated as elegantly as possible in a takeaway box and delivered to you impeccably. Fans will know to get the Duck Confit ($18.90) and Char Siew Lamb Rib ($14.90), but give the delivery-exclusive Masses Ramen ($20.90) a try, that is also available as a DIY kit so you can have it piping hot from your stove. Free delivery for orders above $100.

The Salted Plum

If bento sets like burnt chilli chicken ($9.90), fatty minced pork ($9.90) and braised beef ($11.90) sounds good to you, you're at the right place. Prices are inclusive of a side of braised cabbage and a soup of the day too. Top up $1.80 for a juice. If you place orders $60 and above, delivery is free.


One of our favourite hidden-away CBD haunts for a quiet, satisfying lunch, Se7enth now offers bento box meals perfect for those of us working from home. We love how each package comes with a wide assortment of sides. For instance, the Grilled Chicken Chop with Mushroom Sauce ($18) not only comes with a huge piece of chicken, but aglio olio, corn on the cob and coleslaw too. Definitely try the Surf & Turf ($30), featuring a giant slab of steak, grilled prawns, crispy calamari, pasta, corn and salad. 


If miso cod, kurobuta pork and Kagoshima wagyu sound like things you'd want in your bento (and price isn't an issue), then this is where you'd want to order your next meal from. Whether you're getting the Kurobuta Kakuni Bento ($45) or the Miso Cod Fish Bento ($33), you'll be treated to a spread of seasonal sides along with your main. Spend $150 and get free delivery.

Violet Oon

Singapore's own Perankan doyenne has a smashing array of bento sets for you to choose from. Pick from mains like babi pong tay ($25), beef rendang ($28), ikan goreng chilli ($28) and more, paired with sides like chap chye, tahu goreng or even sayur lodeh. A final bill of $100 or more gets you complimentary delivery.

All establishments in this list offer islandwide delivery.