Presented live by the delivery guy

Having a scrumptious meal sent to your treasured friend or family member is probably one of the best ways to show you still care for them and remember their birthdays right now. But since you can't physically be there, what happens to the most important part of all birthday celebrations—the birthday song?

Well, a group of restaurants under Refinery Concepts has decided to take their delivery service up a notch and actually offer a free birthday song, sung live, as part of their menu.

When ordering deliveries online from venues like KinkiFat Cow, Bedrock, The Marmalade Pantry, Straits Cafe, Fat Sumo and Saltwater, simply select the "Birthday Song for #PricelessMoments" add-on and the delivery guy will actually sing a full birthday song for the recipient.

If you've got special requests like having the song sung in Mandarin, or even sung twice in two different languages, they've been known to try their best to accommodate to that too. Just give them a heads up.

And to round off the bash, you can include a personalised note along with the delivery too, and someone will hand write the message on your behalf. Talk about going the extra mile.

So if there's someone you really want to spring a birthday surprise on during this pandemic, look no further.