(heavy breathing)

A large bowl of fluffy beef fat rice layered with well-marbled slices of dry-aged A5 Nagasaki wagyu topped with a sprinkle of caviar, buttery foie gras cubes, ikura pearls, a runny onsen egg and a drizzle of aromatic truffle shoyu—if that doesn't get you salivating, we don't know what will.

This admittedly sinful and decadent dish (we're not complaining) is all yours for $138 (inclusive of chawanmushi and miso soup), and it's being offered by none other than top Japanese beef specialist restaurant Fat Cow. Only a limited number is offered via direct delivery each day.

Besides probably being the most indulgent dish you can be having this circuit breaker period, adding to that luxury factor is the fact that it's likely the only donburi dish available here using wagyu that is dry-aged, a process which adds to the flavour and intensity of the steak. Trust us when we say it's worth it.

But if that all sounds like too much, Fat Cow is also offering items that are less rich and excessive. The A4 Miyazaki wagyu premium donburi ($128) is made using non dry-aged beef of a different grade, but is otherwise exactly the same.

And if you really want to take it down a notch, try their signature Fat Cow Donburi ($48) instead. There's no beef fat rice, foie gras and caviar here, but the generous bowl of charcoal grilled wagyu paired with seasoned Japanese rice and a runny onsen egg still hits the spot.

Fat Cow delivers islandwide from 12-8pm daily. Get free delivery with minimum $80 spend using Mastercard and promo code "MCFREE".